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"Together, we can build better organizations. We can build better relationships. We can build stronger communities. It's starts with YOUR superpower!  "


My superpowers are building empathy and community. Let's find your superpower and change the world!

Most Popular Keynote
From Prison to Startup CEO

In this talk, Marcus Bullock introduces his incredible journey from being sent to adult prison at 15 years old for 8 years, and how he was able to return home at 23 years old and start building one successful business after another. 

Inspire Your Team or Students

Leveraging Resilience to Grow Your Career

This is Marcus' most motivational talk, focused on the strategies that he learned to develop over the years to help him leverage his worst moments in his life to build his career as a tech CEO and consultant.

CSR, ESG, and HR Teams

Build Community. Build Businesses.

Marcus helps corporate teams understand how he built a successful brand and community with a social enterprise. "We can do both. We can do good and do well at the same time."

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