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EmpowerED Entrepreneurship

Bringing entrepreneurship and career skill building workshops to Community Schools in Maryland

Entrepreneurship After Graduation
for Students

College is not for every body, and a growing number of high school graduates are looking toward entrepreneurship for their next season of their lives. This workshop helps to introduce the entrepreneurial journey to students.

Intensity Level:  Not Intense 

This is a program that was designed to help students learn how to generate real income as an entrepreneur. Did you know that the gig economy help earners make over $204 billion in 2022? We want to share some of the introductory digital skills that are needed to help our scholars participate in this exploding new workforce, even if they decide that college is not for them. Some things we cover are: 

  • How to build a personal and professional brand

  • How to pitch your idea in any industry

  • The power of being an "Intrepreneur" vs. "Entrepreneur"


Day per Group


Hour Workshop


Marcus Bullock (Founder/CEO)
Flikshop Inc. & Flikshop School of Business

What are
Community Schools?

Community schools foster positive and equitable results by supplying students and families with essential physical, mental, academic, and extracurricular assistance. These schools act as central points, uniting families, communities, and partners to eliminate learning obstacles. By adopting an asset-centered method, community schools aim to reinforce bonds, resulting in better student achievements.

In Maryland, any school benefiting from Concentration of Poverty Grants is a community school. These grants offer initial funds and ongoing per-pupil allocations, facilitating the launch and continuity of community schools.


What is
EmpowerED Entrepreneurship?

Marcus Bullock hosts in-person workshops that introduce students and parents to entrepreneurial strategies and tools that helped him grow a successful startup after prison and poverty.

High School Student

Entrepreneurship After Graduation

(for Students)

Young Teacher

Building a Professional Brand & Pitching an Idea

(for Parents)

Marcus Bullock Bootcamp.jpg

Introduction to Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

(for Students, Parents, & Teachers)

Principals of 
EmpowerED Entrepreneurship?


Empower Students and Parents for Entrepreneurial Success

Our EmpowerED Entrepreneurship program aligns with the Family and Community Partnerships pillar of Community Schools. We believe that strong partnerships between schools, families, and the community form the foundation for success. By fostering meaningful and ongoing engagement of families and community members, we empower students and parents to create dynamic and effective entrepreneurial paths. Just as community partners contribute to creating positive community schools, our program nurtures collaboration between students, parents, and mentors, fostering an environment of shared responsibility and ownership for entrepreneurial success.

Help Students Explore Diverse Paths After Graduation

Embracing the principle of Expanded and Culturally Relevant Curriculum in Community Schools, our program acknowledges that not all paths to success require traditional college education. Through diverse workshops, we expand students' horizons beyond the classroom, offering them the chance to explore various entrepreneurial journeys. Our approach resonates with the Multi-tiered Systems of Support, as we provide opportunities for all students to learn, whether they seek to launch their own businesses or explore alternative avenues for personal and professional growth.



Provide Actionable Steps for Launching Students & Parents Entrepreneurial Dreams

Aligned with the Inclusive Leadership and Effective Teaching Practices pillars for Community Schools, our workshops emphasize collaborative learning and inclusive guidance. We take the principles of shared responsibility and collaborative planning to heart, ensuring that both students and parents are equipped with the tools they need for success. Just as effective teaching practices focus on making learning relevant, we provide Community Support Services that cater to the whole student and parent, both academically and socially. Our workshops empower participants with practical strategies, reflecting the pillars of collaborative leadership, multi-tiered support, and integrated services.

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